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Colors and Finishes


I use a variety of methods to achieve the bold finishes of my work. It is much more art than a science. I can make an infinite number of colors and color combinations applied with a variety of different methods. I cannot color match. I can make samples for a small fee, but due to a number of variables I cannot guarantee a finished product will exactly match a sample. As I said, it is more ART than science.

Steel finishes: I use chemicals and heat to color my work. I use the following three methods for the protective finishes on my work.

  • powder coating (lower cost, gloss finish, not as easy to polish as liquid coating)
  • automotive paints (higher cost, smooth glass like finish, easy to polish, any auto body shop can polish this finish)
  • waxes (small items, rustic items)

Wood Finishes: Relative to the end use of a project, the type of wood and the desired appearance I may use any of a number of different finishes.

  • custom mixed colored lacquers (best used on light colored woods such as maple or birch)
  • oils
  • waxes
  • shellac
  • urethanes

Finish samples can be made for a small fee relative to what and how many you need.

CONTACT: email or call 917.609.4424

This is just a small sample of what is possible. I will add additional color chips from time to time. Ask if you want to see a color that is not yet here.


heat patina(on steel)

sea color sample

blue-green sea(on steel)

Galaxy black colorful speckle(on steel)

sky blue speckle on silver

sky blue on silver(on steel)

teal color finish sample chip

teal(on steel)

Iime green color steel sample chip

Iime green(on steel)

blue(on steel)

blue multicolor drip(on steel)

a blue red and purple finish(on steel)

yellow orange red finish(on steel)

red(on steel)